Social media – 4 ways it has changed the property industry

With Hurstwood holdings being a property investment business, we have decided to look at the impact of social media on the industry and its importance.  Facebook has become a powerhouse Using Instagram as a virtual brochure The importance of Video on YouTube Building Client relationships with LinkedIn Facebook has become a powerhouse. Everyone uses Facebook, […]


In Today’s Blog We Discuss the importance of good design in a property and the real-world implications of having a design first strategy. What is Good design? Is there a real value of good design? Competition! To quote the great Steve Jobs, ‘Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is […]

AI-Smart Cities and the influence it could have on the property industry.

A look into how Smart cities aided by Ai could impact the property industry and what business need to do to be ready. We love looking at future trends and what’s to come in the Real Estate business, so today we look at what Smart cites enabled by advancements in Artificial Intelligence would mean for […]

Housing Market trends in 2018

A look at the potential trends and key points on what will affect the Housing market in England and Wales in 2018. Key Insights Interest Rates will stay low. Online Continues to Grow Stamp Duty Cut House Building will rise. The property market is a complicated place, the state of the industry can fluctuate every […]

Manchester Pride 2018

Its Manchester Pride this week,celebrating over 33 years of LGBT stretching back to 1985 when the Manchester Gay Pub and Club Olympics and Gay Centre Fun day took Place on August Bank Holiday Pride is more than just a party, its celebrates the diverse culture we have in Manchester, it celebrates how far we have […]

Fighting Youth Homelessness across the North West.

Helping LandAid Through RICS pledge to end Youth Homelessness throughout the North West and the rest of the UK to deliver 150 bed spaces. As a residential developer, we know the importance of having your own space. As Jane Austin once said; “there is nothing like staying home for real comfort”. Having somewhere to call […]

The shape of Manchester’s Industrial Market in 2018

Insight into the Manchester Industrial Sector show’s that despite the prospect of glooming Brexit, the demand for Industrial property continues to grow Key Insights 7% year on Growth in Manchester Prime Industrial Rents. Demand Across the UK during Q1 was at its strongest level since 2015 Retail was the most active sector with 57% of […]

Hurstwood Christmas Dinner

Crystal Hurstwood celebrated the great success of 2017 and Christmas on the 20th of December at Rosso. Alongside the Hurstwood team, many of our esteemed friends and partners who have helped us throughout the year to achieve our goals joined us for drinks and a three-course dinner. We’d like to extend a massive thank you […]

Co-Working Space – What To Look For

Trends come and go, but one trend that is staying around and is set to get even bigger is that of ‘co-working spaces’. These communal spaces are perfect for freelancers, remote workers or start-ups who aren’t ready to sign a lease yet.